Tune-ups and Maintenance

Basic System maintenance is essential to keep your computers running fast and dependably.

While Macs require less periodic maintenance that Windows computers, they still need some occasional t.l.c. I recommend a basic tune-up every six months at a minimum. For computers running heavy duty software like Adobe Creative Suite or virtualization software like Parallels or VMware, you may need it as often as once per month.

Tune-ups consist of running several pieces of software that clean up all kinds of things, as well as doing diagnostic work for early detection of hardware and software problems. Updates to Apple software are also included as necessary. It usually takes about 45 minutes per computer and several computers can be done at once. A flat rate of $100 applies, unless maintenance has not been done in the past 6 months, then hourly rates apply (as it can take several hours).

Optimization consists of running software that defragments and then optimizes; Data, Metadata, Directory, Adaptive Hot File Clusters and Free Space . Cost is per gigabyte used on the drive and both a tune-up and a complete backup are pre-requisites. This is an overnight service at minimum and should not be done more frequently than every six months. Photoshop and virtualization software can really benefit from optimization.