Artisan Technology Consulting

Serving the Portland and the Columbia Gorge

Artisan provides quality onsite and remote support matched with quality customer service.

Depend on it.

Your business may not be so large as to need a full time IT department, but that doesn’t mean you don’t occasionally require professional level support. For over 20 years Scott Frey has been supporting Macintosh computers, Mac applications, cross-platform networks, and graphics software for small businesses, artists, and home users who require a high quality of service. The past few years have added iPhone usage into that mix.

Small business Mac and mixed networks, office environments, OS X server deployment and supreme customer service are among the skill-sets Scott brings to you. He can help you integrate your home Mac and other devices, set up a Mac and Windows network, optemize your digital photography workflow, or give your Mac a checkup and optimization to make it run faster.

With over two decades experience in the pre-press and digital imaging industry, Scott knows what graphic artists and photographers need to get their jobs done. Lightroom, Photoshop actions, color calibration, font management, digital workflow . . . these are all skills your ordinary computer or camera shop has never had to provide under deadline. Scott understands what you need to be productive.

Now located part time in Portland, part time in Hood River, Scott wants to make your mac experience better by making your Mac do what you want, whether it’s a hard working business machine or a personal Mac needing some TLC. You rely on your computer daily; your computer can rely on us.

About Scott

Scott Frey, founder of Artisan Technology consulting, started out his prepress career setting hot lead type on some of the the last impact presses in Madison, Wisconsin. Learning the ins and outs of graphic based computing was such a relief. In the last 20+ years, he supported service bureaus, manufacturing companies, photographers, print shops, and many others who depend on their Macs and networks daily.

With his photographic background, his skills have been particularly useful for artists and photographers needing assistance with bringing vision to life. His knowledge of Adobe (Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), Quark Express, and Dreamweaver is extensive, and he has also mastered many common Mac applications.

Scott has traveled the continent for seven months while living in a small van, led work crews hand building recreational trails, and has over 8,000 books in his personal library.