Consulting Services

  • Basic Service Rate: $120/hr
  • Non-Profit Rate: $100/hr
  • Server Rate: $175/hr

Creative Services

  • Graphic design and layout: $75/hr
  • Photography, hourly, image or day rate: negotiable.

Some services are a simple fixed rate, rather than time based:

System Tune up – $100

  • Valid for systems that have had maintence within the past six months.
  • Includes a regiment of diagnostic software tests, cache cleaning, system log cleanup, forced running of scheduled scripts, rebuilding and repairing volume, disk and directory structures as needed.

Data Transfer – $1 per gigabyte/$100 flat rate*

  • Any data transfer, for the purposes of; recovery, backup, migration to a new computer, etc. Approximately30% savings over hourly rate based on average drive and interface speeds.

Complete optimization of disk – $3 per gigabyte/$100 flat rate*

Includes complete cloned backup, full defragmentation, optimization of data, metadata, B-Tree files, directory, adaptive hot file clusters, swapfiles, and free space.

System Reinstall (Nuke and Pave) – $100

Includes “archive install” of OS X while preserving application and user data. Followed by applying the most current update of the OS X version that the client owns.

Upgrade to new version of OS X – $75

  • Does not include cost of actual software
  • Cost applies to offsite work only. Hourly rates apply to onsite work.
  • Maintenence and backup strongly reccomended prior to upgrade.

* flat rate is for offsite, overnight services. i.e. I have your computer to my shop.